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Welcome Mike Sternschein & Susan Frank

Mike and Susan are both physicians who grew up, lived, and worked in the NY/NJ area until 3 years ago when they moved their permanent residence to Lenox.  Prior to that, they had a vacation home in West Stockbridge and have enjoyed the Berkshires for many years.  In addition to practicing radiology, Susan is a artist/painter. They are both looking forward to playing golf and tennis and making new friends at SGC.
Joined July 2022

Welcome Ellen Levy

Ellen's first career post-graduate school, was as an Environmental Designer, designing sensory stimulation environments for multiply handicapped individuals:  Her second career was in Capital Goods Sales, working for one of the two largest hospital equipment companies in the world; her third career was as an executive for a Clinical Research Company that performed research for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, from which she retired.  And, finally, Ellen returned to her love of design when she studied Jewelry Design at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, the Taos Institute of Art in Taos, New Mexico, and from many Master Jewelry Artists in Denmark and throughout the United States.  She presently teaches intermediate jewelry at the Armory Art Center and beginning jewelry in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
As an Art Jeweler, Ellen's vision is to provide her students and clients with small objects of wearable art that accentuate their individual personalities and enriches their lives.
Joined July 2022

Welcome Ryan Berg

Ryan ("Ry") Berg is a Brooklyn-based Art Director with a lifelong love of golf. After growing up in Baltimore and attending The University of Texas at Austin, Ry has since gone on to build his career in Los Angeles and New York City where he has created visual content for notable brands including NBCUniversal, Toyota, Saatchi & Saatchi, MOSCOT, Deer Valley Resort, and Steve Harvey Global. He is looking forward to meeting other members out on the golf course this summer.
Joined May 2022

Welcome Robert Lloyd

After owning a gallery in Manhattan for 21 years, Robert was looking for a change of lifestyle and moved to western Massachusetts July of 2019. He opened his gallery,  Robert Lloyd Vintage Barware on Railroad Street in Great Barrington November 2019. Robert plays tennis as well as golf and is looking forward to meeting Stockbridge members this spring.
Joined March 2022

Welcome George Cain

The Stockbridge Country Club is George’s first venture into country club membership.  Living nearby the Club and passing it on a regular basis acted somewhat as a magnet towards the opportunity to play more golf in the hope that more golf could lead to better golf.  Time will tell, but he is not taking bets on that end result.  When not spending time trying to be a better golfer, George enjoys his work as a realtor and business consultant.
Joined March 2022

Welcome Nancy Hill & Rendall, Theo, & Taylor Howell

The Howells.  Rendall, Nancy (Hill), and Theo (age 10). Taylor, will also visit from time to time.  They reside in Cambridge MA but spend as much time as possible in Stockbridge, all year.  In Stockbridge, they live at 1 Mohican Road, in Mahkeenac Heights. They are looking forward to playing tennis, learning to golf, and enjoying good food and meeting new friends.
Joined September 2021

Welcome Nick Turczak
Raised in Housatonic, Nick was a junior member at Wyantenuck CC for 9 years. Nick worked in the pro shop and cart barn here at SGC during his high school years. Nick attended Endicott College, North of Boston, where he connected with his eventual wife. Nick recently moved back to the Berkshires and bought a house in Lenox. They are excited to be back close to family with two young boys, Brayden (5) and Ryan (4). Nick is looking forward to reconnecting with certain long time members at Stockbridge while also meeting some of the "new guard”.
Joined December 2021
Welcome John Frelinghuysen

A Berkshire native, John grew up attending the Congregational Church in Stockbridge, overlooking the beautiful grounds of the Stockbridge Golf Club. After graduating from Rollins College, he worked for IBM producing videos and managing their social media content. He is currently creating his own production and media consulting business.  John has played tennis his whole life and picked up golf during the pandemic. Thankfully he doesn't take golf (or life) too seriously, so if you see him on the course this summer, expect a smile and a high five. 
Joined February 2022

Welcome Cafagna Pinelli Family

Francesco Cafagna and Federica Pinelli live in New York City and have bought a house in Stockbridge in the Spring of 2021 after coming regularly to the Berkshires for the prior 3 years. They spend most of their weekends in Stockbridge and love skiing at Catamount during the winter. Francesco is a Portfolio Manager at Hedge Fund Schonfeld Macro Advisors and Federica is a Post-doctoral Researcher at Columbia University. They have 3 daughters: Sofia (11), Viola (11) and Greta (7). Everyone is very excited to be part of the Stockbridge Golf Club and can’t wait to come and play lots of tennis and a little bit of golf!
Joined July 2022

Welcome Brewster Klein Family

David Brewster and Oleanna Klein live in Cambridge, MA and spend as much time as possible at their house in Alford. David is a sustainability-focused entrepreneur, and Oleanna owns and operates a small women’s clothing store in Cambridge. They have three children: Juniper (15), Kal (12), and Tivoli (10). They are all very excited to be new members of the club and play lots of golf and tennis!
Joined July 2022

Welcome Bob Van Olst

Bob and his wife Susan moved to Stockbridge in 2018 from Southampton, NY to be closer to their daughter Kate. She attended Simon’s Rock College in Great Barrington and fell in love with the Berkshires. She married Ben Skeen, General Contractor and lives in Housatonic with their 6 year old son Orion. Bob and Susan run an executive search firm Their pro-bono work has included improving conditions for impoverished people. Bob is over the moon about being able to walk to and play this beautiful course and Susan is excited to meet everyone.
Joined March 2022

Welcome Barry Rose

Born and raised in Kansas City, as a semi-retired orthopedic surgeon, moved to the Berkshires permanently in October of 2019 from San Francisco.  I enjoy golf and tennis and am looking forward to meeting the members and being involved in my new community as a member and patient advocate for excellent health and healing!
Joined March 2022 

Welcome Anne Schnesel
Anne has lived in The Berkshires for 40 years and has just recently moved to Lenox. She owned The Loring Art Gallery in Sheffield for 15 years retiring in 2008. Anne is on the Board of Construct, and involved with Fairview Hospital and Jewish Federation of the Berkshires.
Anne is looking forward to making new friends in the community.
Joined March 2022

Welcome André Bernard

The author of five books about writers and publishing, AndrĂ© Bernard was Editorial Director of The Book-of-the-Month Club and VP and Publisher of Harcourt Brace before joining the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation as its Vice President.  He has been coming to the Berkshires his entire life, first with his father, who was a longtime member of the Boston Symphony, and then with his wife Jennie and two now grown daughters.
Joined September 2021

Welcome Steve Johnson
Steve lives in Great Barrington with his wife Jeri after living in Boston for 25 years.  Steve and Jeri are both retired.  Steve is very excited to join SGC and is looking forward to many rounds of golf this year.  The hope is to get better at golf and will be taking lessons in hopes of improving.
Joined January 2022 
Welcome Justin Carafotes
Justin came to SGC for tennis and is thrilled with the courts and pros. He also enjoys a round or two of golf however he doesn’t play often. Justin and his wife Rachel moved from New York to Stockbridge in the fall of 2020. They operate an off premise catering and event company, Hand Crafted and a Contemporary art gallery, His Daughter Paloma, based in Lenox. 
He is looking forward to meeting other members and continuing to strengthen his game.
Joined April 2021